The AmongUs Happening.

Meet again and bring one or the other around the corner
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2021-04-25 georg

Hello everybody!

Glad you followed the link and landed here on my page. The last online meeting was kind of nice, although the dry topic was not the real thing. Therefore I propose a new meeting.

To be more precise, it’s basically about one / two small meetings again and playing and having fun together. Since the Doodle polling does not really lead to the goal, I have simply selected two dates and hope that as many of you as possible are present.

In the following postings you will find more information.

Among Us

2021-04-25 georg

What’s it all about?

The game principle could not be simpler: one area and up to ten players. The goal of the players is to complete tasks - together or individually. Since this would be boring alone, there are up to two impostors among them, who do everything they can to sabotage the undertaking as unnoticed as possible and to gradually give the good crew members the coup de grace.

When a corpse appears, a vote is held in which you can vote for the traitor. The member with the most votes will be thrown off the ship. This also shows whether you are right or wrong with your decision.

You can simply obtain _Among Us as follows:

Steam: 3,99 € steam

iOS: free iOS

Android: free Android

When will this take place?

2021-04-25 georg

So that we have a little choice, two dates are planned for the time being.

  • 14.05.2021
  • 21.05.2021

In each case from 18.00 o’clock I will be online and wait for you. To play reasonable we need at least 6 players. With at least 10 players it will be the most fun.