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First Informations

2021-10-02 georg

Thinking up your own character with all the trimmings right from the start? - Nope

I thought about it, before someone is worthy of adventuring with us at level 1, he/she needs to have proven themselves first. Therefore, the roleplaying system we start is a simple system where you start with a handful of level 0 noobs. They then experience what it means to be a hero in the meat grinder.

Those who survive this first adventure are then allowed to continue playing. This means that after this first adventure we will decide whether to continue with The Dark Eye or Dungeons & Dragons.

But first things first. I intentionally didn’t tell you the name of the game system yet. Rather, I want to ask you, which do you prefer?

  1. Getting the rules beforehand so we can all get started right away. This assumes that everyone has done their homework and not cheated.
  2. At our game night, I’ll let you in on the rules and we’ll create our starting lineup together? So we don’t play directly, but get to know each other first by understanding the rules.

The poll itself, you can find in Telegram.

I hope you are still up for it. Suggestions for dates (or when it doesn’t work at all [e.g. Thursdays]) can be sent to me already.

Stay tuned.